We Craft Progressive Experiences.

 EICA is the new way to hire creative talent. Partnered with other creative services, EICA has created an end-to-end creative service solutions platform to serve the needs of customers.

Hire EICA for your individual projects, or get EICA as your outsource creative department! With over a decade in experience, and the best creative talent honed by actual Art schools, EICA will always deliver the best quality for all your graphic and interactive needs with prices that rivals most design agencies.

Your Manila-Based Design Studio

Your Outsource Creative Department

We can help you with any projects related to design, but we don’t stop there. EICA can facilitate and project manage your entire requirement so you won’t have to. 🙂

Whether it is Company Branding, Web Design and Development, All kinds of Printing, and Metal & Lighted Signage Fabrication, to Furniture and Architectural Designs & Construction, EICA does it all. 

Let’s face it. Your own Creative Department for your company is a necessity. And with it, it would greatly increase your potential as a business. But having your own Creative Department is actually a luxury as it is expensive to build and maintain one.

With that in mind, EICA hopes you see the value of retaining an outsource Creative Work Force.  With our packages, we believe you would save both time and money and have peace of mind in the outcome of these Creative Works.

Some Testimonials

"EICA is creative, they're fun and they're patient. They are able to come up with creative concepts for, shoots and even everyday conversation. They are also an effective tutor and willing to share tips/tricks that they've been using through the years. A really good asset in any organization or project."
Rachel Ybanez
HR Consultant
"EICA is a very dependable colleague in terms of creativity, expertise, and working culture."
Wowie De Leon
TV Commercial Director/Producer
Two words immediately come to mind when describing EICA — creative and efficient. Not only does they always come up with imaginative ideas, their proficiency in Photoshop and InDesign allows them to execute those ideas well, and in a short amount of time.
Mark Miranda
Marketing Director, PCCI
"EICA are the ultimate computer artists. They have printed my digital photographs for my photographic exhibition -- Philippine Portraits. They also designed a postcard set and posters to accompany the exhibit and is now designing my new website. They are also a talented teacher. I would recommend them highly for any of your graphic art, website, or computer art needs."
Liza Linklater
Writer & Photographer
"EICA always thinks of more ways to help your organization. They are extremely efficient about the tasks they are working on and they are an example of a good service provider who does not hesitate to share knowledge."
Darius Valdez
Owner /Manager at The Forum Cafe
"EICA is an excellent graphics and media studio. One of the best we have ever worked with. Hands down."
Doi Porras
Owner / CEO, SP3Media.com
"EICA and its team are highly skilled professionals in the fields of graphic design, song writing, music production, and event organisation. They are truly dedicated to their craft, with a keen eye and ear for details and originality. They are highly proficient and quite prolific in their works. EICA is both an excellent team player and an independent-minded art group, who can surely be a great asset to any company or any worthy endeavour in need of their talents and skills."
Bong Tan
CEO at StickySweetSounds Online Record Label
"Great Designers. Their web designs are both great looking and easy to code. There was a great collaboration between me and EICA. They are very approachable in all aspects. I will work with EICA at any circumstances."
Ivan Rubio
Professional Web Developer
"EICA was our "go-to-guy" in our company for the advertising executives. Every product that they conceptualize and design are executed with much creativity and precision. I had a great opportunity working with them and they exuded much knowledge in the field. They are armed with creativity and versatility and proficient with every tools (design or audio-visual related), making him an asset in every company project."
Raymond Rubio
Lead Designer, Capaciti Pty Ltd